John Fülöp Associates was established as a full service Architecture and Planning firm in New York City in 1974. Working from a loft in Little Italy, the firm provided clients with full range architectural design and space planning services, as well as construction observation to project completion. Beginning with many small scale, budget minded projects for artists who were beginning to live and work in industrial lofts in neighboring Soho, creative solutions for residential conversions were the order of the day.

Designing conversions to existing buildings became a staple of the urban work of the firm and today the reuse of existing structures remains an important aspect of our work, while new buildings form the bulk of our work outside of metropolitan areas. Community planning projects both in New York City and in several rural areas of the Northeast have always been a part of the firm’s work.

In all the work done by our firm, a commitment to constant research and experimentation creates the possibility for innovative and beautiful solutions, often resulting in new and appropriate forms of architectural expression, while always keeping an eye toward meeting budgetary demands. In 1980, it was here in the Berkshires where a prototype for a low cost solar home was developed for a client's strict budgetary requirements. This project has resulted in a series of very successful, low cost, solar homes built throughout the United States and abroad. In 1988, a New England office was opened in West Stockbridge to accommodate the firm's shift of focus from urban to rural work.